A Place for Hope and Healing

When families experience pregnancy, infant, and child loss, we are there for them. We create places for families to remember and grieve, places for relationships with other grieving families, places for support, and places for hope to rise.

A Place to Remember and Grieve

Through memorial events, Hope Remains gives families an opportunity to remember their little ones.

Hospitjal Cuddle Cot Placement

Hope Remains partners with families to place devices like the Cuddle Cot in local hospitals. Cuddle Cots are a refrigerated bassinet that give families the gift of time with their little ones. For more information on Cuddle Cots and how to place one in your local hospital email us at hoperemains510@gmail.com.

A Place for Relationships and Support

Hope Remains creates places for connection with others that have experienced loss. Check out our current groups for mothers and families.

A Place for Hope to Rise

No one should have to suffer in silence. Though loss is tough, we believe that hope can rise in the midst of it all. We are committed to fostering places where you can experience hope and healing in Jesus' name.