Our Story

On May 9th, 2015, at 32 weeks pregnant with our fifth child, I noticed an odd sensation. Or should I say, lack of sensation, when our son, Macklin, had stopped moving. After a panicked rush to the hospital and a silent heart monitor, it was confirmed that our son had passed. We were left with shock, confusion and heartbreak as we entered the labor and delivery room to birth our perfect little boy on May 10th 2015, Mother's Day. It was soon confirmed after birth that Macklin had died of an umbilical chord accident. After about seven hours of meeting his brothers and sister, grandmas and grandpas, aunts and uncles and friends, Macklin was taken from us, soon be seen again laying in a tiny casket at his funeral.

With hundreds and friends and family watching around a live-stream around the country, my husband Chris spoke words of hope from Christ that we were clinging to in the darkest, most devastating event in our lives. It was soon after that the message of "hope remains" began to spread. Our story of our hope in Christ and God's loving plan for our lives had reached hundreds, maybe thousands, and people were hopeful and encouraged in their own lives and struggles they were going though. Hope Remains started to grow into its own identity and has now become an 501c3 Minnesota Non-Profit.

You can read our entire story at handsfulloffive.wordpress.com

"Whatever it is that life throws our way, I know that all I am is wrapped secure in Him. It is in Jesus that my Hope Remains." -Chris Lorentz